Oliver + Sarah Wlodyka | Married | October 24, 2014

You know what the hardest thing for any photographer is? To work with family. They know your potential, they know where you have been and how far you have grown. This wedding, well you’ve probably noticed by now that our last names match. This was my older brothers wedding. As Alex, my boyfriend/second shooter/diffuser for the day/dashingly handsome man, and I drove to Sarah’s parents house, my anxiety only grew. Once we were off the interstate I thought I was going to hurl, seriously. My stomach was all knots and my hands were completely clammy. Thankfully though Kara (of www.karakamienskiphotography.com) is not only a wonderful boss but also an awesome mentor, friend, and all around person. So I texted her and calmed my nerves some–but once I got my camera in my hands and started working my nerves turned off and I was in full work mode.

To put it simply, this day was one true test for me. My first solo wedding, made ever more complicated as I was also a bridesmaid. Yep, I walked up the isle, turned around and walked back to take photos once the bride had made her way up the isle. My mantra of the day was a prayer where my photographer brother would keep his camera out of his hands for his special day. A shoe change, a bit of mud, and sleeping in a horse trailer– I feel like I still remember every detail of this wedding.

Oliver and Sarah, I’m glad that I’m not only your sister, but that I was able to do something so special for your wedding day. Not only to photograph it but to spend some extra special time loving on Tristan and Rex. To see how they both have grown, and see the four of you come together as a family.

I love all four of you. Congratulations.

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(sometimes you have to star in a photo… even when you’re shooting the wedding)

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