My name is Sydney, just like Australia. My last name is nearly impossible to say, so no worries – we’ll stick with Sydney (HINT: drop the ‘w’). I’m a Midwesterner by heart, but nearly always cold, even in the dead of summer. Seriously. I take pride in the fact I can make my home state with my hand and use it as a map. In college I fell in love with a local, Alex, he stole my heart in October of 2011. Together we have 3 wonderfully spoiled dogs (Kodak, Forte, and Mac), 7 chickens and 2 ducks. I have a tattoo of a camera with my Grandmothers initials and I wear the same necklace 24/7 365. I hate shopping for clothes, and my favorite color is green.

My photography style is real, authentic and emotion. I look at a wedding day as sharing your love story, where my lucky job is to capture your heart and excitement. I admit, I’ll make a few bad jokes in order to get a laugh, but I keep things simple and highlight the candid moments between two people continuing in their next great adventure. Once the excitement of a new marriage has faded, I want you to look at your wedding photographs with smiles and tears in your eyes, and, of course, a bit of laughter in your heart from the amazing story that was just beginning to unfold.






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