three dog design + consulting

Well… here we go. After years of doing things on side, of balancing my stable safe desk job and my longing for something more, here we are.

three dog design + consulting was born after my time with Kara Kamienski Photography. She gave me the space to be her intern, and eventually studio manager (plus associate, second photographer, and assistant) during one of the harder transitions in my life after graduate school (which is a story for another day). After being brought on by Create A Scene and finding another home with the amazing ladies there, I really had found my sweet spot in southern Illinois.

Of course, a place of comfort is never long lived. My now husband graduated from Bradley University in May 2016 and we had a choice to make. We stayed to finish off the 2016 wedding season but we made one of the hardest decisions ever to leave Peoria, IL and move to Northfield, MN.

Let me say, Minnesota was not home to us – we both grew up in Michigan. But we knew after our time in Illinois we desperately needed family. And to family we went. I spent a good 3 years running from my time as a part of the most amazing teams I have ever been on. Of course, I was always available when that one random email or text came in from them asking “hey – can you look at this and just help really quick?” or “Would you mind blogging this event for us?”

So here we are… acceptance.

Realizing I have carved out my own little area of need and help in a remote, but amazing way. And those teams I loved? They have continued, but also evolved. And I am so, so thankful they continued to believe in me, continued to reach out, and continued to remind me they just needed one more thing. Because the ‘breakup phase’ in relocating is the hardest, but the acceptance phase is even sweeter than I ever imagined.

But what do you do at three dog design + consulting?

What don’t we do? Social media scheduling, blogging, inbox maintenance, submission to publications, booking, organization, album design, emailing vendors galleries, website upkeep, and just about a little bit of everything behind the scenes. Imagine what you could hand off for just 5-10 hours a week and how that could possibly change your life. Interested? Shoot me an email at with what you have in mind!

And in case you wondered…

three dogs was born from my 3 pups – Kodak (he’s the one who made my a dog mom, he’s a gray pomeranian and an instant friend to anyone who will play fetch with him), Forte (surprise, he’s Kodak’s son and half pomeranian and half chihuahua, he’s especially goofy and loves to think he’s a big dog), and of course there is Mac (we’re not sure what he is, he’s a shepard, heeler mix that was found running the farm land of Alex’s grandparents, as long as you play frisbee with him you’ll be accepted).

Of course, there are also two ^-^ cat eared friends who joined our pack – Seymour in November 2019, and Henrietta in June 2020. Seymour is a tuxedo boy cat with a batman face and 100% kitten naughtiness and Henrietta is an orange gal full of spunk and is not afraid to give her opinion on any topic (especially if it involves food).