Matt + Jeri Fishbeck | Married | October 27, 2014

You know walking into a wedding the last thing I expect is a bride to thank me within 5 minutes of being there. Then again once I’m helping set up her reveal with her parents. Of course after I feel the day has just started and I have only begun the fun of working a wedding. Still Jeri was a doll the entire day; calm, wonderful, and full of grace. And Matt, my lord– he was Jeri’s calm, and their reveal? Ahhhh I just saw it happening in my head before we started. I just knew we had to do that way. I mean, you know when you just see the moment? That’s what happened to me. And their reception ahh, let’s just say any little girl who loves Frozen would be in heaven (sorry Matt and Jeri, but you can’t say you don’t see the connection).

Congratulations Matt and Jeri! I hope you have a wonderful life together!

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