Alumni Show at Adrian College

Today I hung my show at Adrian College!! We hit a few bumps in the road though, first one of my frame packs was wood instead of metal, so Brad had to cut down a piece of metal to the right size. Next all my pieces were too big! Yes, ladies and gentleman… I managed to have 31×39 inch, and 20 by 31 inch, I don’t even know, so don’t expect a real answer for that one. And finally, the best one yet – I measured everything out and planned where they were suppose to go. Guess what, you have to measure on location because then you know the wire’s are right because this girl did not originally measure how the wire’s would change the center. Lesson learned, right? Measure twice, cut once.

After I finished in Adrian I came back to Dearborn and I shot with a 4×5 camera and an dslr for my next body of work! Luckily I had a lot of help from my Mom and my brothers friend (he’s more or less my brother too), Will. My Mom was our “get away car” and helped inspire a few locations, and Will was my extra hands, he carried my tripod and helped get the 4×5 camera set up while I was shooting with the digital.

On Location Shooting, Will enjoyed how goofy I looked with my "blanket".
On Location Shooting, Will enjoyed how goofy I looked with my “blanket”.

I’m excited to see how these photos turned out, I managed to take 8 photos in the time I was out. I have 5 more planned for tomorrow, and then 4 more negatives of film to use besides that. Hopefully I get some inspiration for those last four! Onto the next bit of creativity we go.

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