A Little Update, Big News!

Of course, there is tons of things happening the last few months and even more ahead of me. What are all of these things? Well let’s see:

1) This September I am the Alumni Artist at Adrian College (my Alma Mater) for Homecoming! My show will be September 20 – October 11. I will be around Adrian the Monday before to hang the show, but I will also be doing a lot of other exciting things. I was asked to do a Noon Talk (pretty typical for artist who exhibit at Adrian College), a talk about applying and real life in Graduate School, a critique with advance photographers, and tons of dinners/lunches with them. I’m very excited for this opportunity!

2) I applied for graduation for this December (fingers crossed!) where I will get my Masters of Arts. Between then and now I have to take a million photographs, do tons of research, write my thesis, hang my show, do more research, write more of my thesis, take more photographs, take more photographs, take a few more, and then even more photographs. And then write some more. Contingent on that I move on to the Masters of Fine Art’s program where I will graduate in May 2015!

3) This Fall I take pedagogy, which means that this Spring I will start teaching. I’m slightly terrified, but I’m also slightly highly excited. I ordered my first teaching books a few days ago and I can’t wait to dig into them! I asked my mentors for suggestions on teaching books, but please feel free to suggest others. I know it takes years and continuing your self education, but I want to seek out the best information I can find.

4) I was offered a “nonofficial” position to teach at Adrian College for my mentor’s sabbatical once I graduate in 2015. A lot of the details are in the works yet, but it will be a year of wonderful learning and experiences. I’m excited and very lucky to have had this opportunity presented to me.

And that’s it for now! Until next time.

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