Adam + Dagmara Schroeder | Married | May 2, 2015

Adam and Dagmara were married on his Father’s farm where he grew up, and currently farms and helps with his families cow pasture in Watseka, IL. Dagmara is fiercely polish, and Kara (of Kara Kamienski Photography who I was lucky enough to shoot under!) was having a riot with the fact that my last name is Wlodyka (a very Polish last name), as well as her’s (Kamienski). On the long drive to Watseka we tried to make as many polish/wedding jokes as possible. “How many polish women does it take to marry one?” “3 Polish women walk into a wedding…”

The day began with me heading over to the boys and yep, my worst fear, getting lost. Thankfully my phone was working even though we were out in a very small town– a few calls to Kara, and eventually talking to the groom himself and I ended up in the right place. Thank you GPS for routing me about half a mile PAST the house. The boys were hilarious from the moment I arrived looking to me for advice on what to dress, and when. After a bit of confusion on a half windsor and a full windsor knot, they all managed to get the ties on.

Then came time for the reveal… which ended up with the boys moving a hay bail which Adam estimated the weight around 1,000 lbs. I don’t know how but the boys willingly moved it to the location we needed. 🙂 After an adorable reveal and a few pictures by the giant hay bail we were off to the cow pasture to shoot. Let’s just say Kara and I got a lesson in cow piles, mole hills, and piles of dirt. 😐

An adorable little ceremony at the Lutheran church shared between Adam’s pastor of his youth and the reigning pastor, and the ceremony was quick and beautiful. Dag did a little happy dance after their first kiss, showing off her adorable little personality. A few family pictures, then we were back to the farm! The reception began, and after intros, dinner, speeches, and cake we stole Adam and Dag for a few golden hour photos. Let’s just say a piece of my heart is forever wrapped up in those golden hour photos. Let me just say if I can give you any advice at all — when your photographer says “lets go, trust me, its worth it” you go take these photos.

Adam and Dagmara — congratulations and best wishes, I know someday you will have your own farm that Adam will farm his heart out and Dagmara will treat all her precious animals at. <3

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