Allie + Josh Morris | Married | April 25, 2015

As Kara (of the fabulous Kara Kamienski Photography who I’m lucky to shoot under!) and I drove to Lake Geneva for Allie + Josh’s big day our main concern was rain. Thankfully it held out for us — though the 44 degree “warm” weather was not as welcoming. When we arrived to Allie’s room she was excited, and enjoying her time with her bridesmaids and family. It was also extra special because her sister, who was the maid of honor, did her hair because she’s a hair stylists! It was almost time for Allie to get her makeup done when her Mom interjected and said she needed to open her gift from Josh first. This was the first moment you really saw the connection between Allie and Josh.

Then it came time for me to head to be with the boys. I was suppose to bring Allie’s gift down with me, but I accidentally forgot so Allie’s Dad graciously ran up to get it for us. Upon returning with it he looked at Josh and goes “Allie wanted you to know, she didn’t forget the envelope… the card is just exploding with her love so it didn’t fit.” Josh chuckled and then sat down to begin reading it after asking how Allie’s gift went. Once he had confirmation that she loved it and understood the theme (pirate booty), he took a few deep breaths and began reading Allie’s card. A few more deep breaths and he held it together, though he admitted it wasn’t easy to do!

The rest of the day seems like it was in fast forward — the boys getting dressed, traveling to the church, and the ceremony. I do have to say “acting as a boy for a day” (as the groomsmen coined me) was pretty hilarious with these boys. My favorite photo of them is when they are lined up on the railing pretending they’ve been drinking for a few hours on their party trolly. 🙂 Let’s also not forget them playing ping pong in the basement of the church to pass the time before the ceremony. I mean, hey you have to keep busy somehow!

Once Allie and Josh’s portraits began after the ceremony, a new side of them both opened up. You could see the real them come out because they were complete after spending all morning apart. They laughed, and smiled, and had a wonderful time with all the fun things we decided to do. But mostly we were able to spend time capturing the love that Allie and Josh have surrounded themselves with.

Allie and Josh, I can only imagine the wonderful life you two will spend together — but even more I am lucky because I was able to be there when you two began as husband and wife.

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2 thoughts on “Allie + Josh Morris | Married | April 25, 2015

  1. Sydney – THANK YOU so much for your amazing help on wedding day! Your and Kara were outstanding professionals that helped to make the day everything that we knew it would be. The pictures made me cry…can’t wait to see more! We will absolutely recommend your service to all that we can!

    All The Best-Deb Worley (MOB 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, Deb! I know for a fact all of this is because the wonderful-ness of your families!! Kara is an exceptional amazing, wonderful person/photographer/life coach/everything. I’m just the lucky person who gets to revel in the beautiful day and capture the memories unfolding.

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