Amanda + Tyler Houston | Married | June 6, 2015 [Associate Wedding under Kara Kamienski Photography]

I’m about 99% sure I have been holding my breath since June 6th when I shot my first associate wedding for Kara Kamienski Photography and #teamkkp! It honestly seems like a whirlwind of a day. I was somehow calm the entire day leading up to the wedding. I never freaked out, or panicked, I just knew I had to do what was ahead of me. I think knowing I had Meghan, another awesome second shooter with #teamkkp, made the day that much smoother in my mind. I just had to focus on what I was doing, and that’s all I could do. Still it was an amazing day. Like, I can’t even begin to describe it. I will leave you with their full blog post found over on Kara’s website and just a couple of the images.
Check out the full blog post at:

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