Anika + Ben Bargfrede | Married | January 3, 2015

I feel like I was just worrying about not working any December weddings. Now wedding season has started again, and we’ve taken our first wedding by storm. Honestly, I still can’t believe I get to work enjoy to all these amazing weddings with Kara Kamienski Photography! And how can you not freak out with Ben and Anika’s theme: The Great Gatsby. Her dress, the ostrich feather wrap, the bridesmaids grey wraps with tied pearls, and the boys scarfs. My. Lord. They just needed a few cigars when they posed with the Model-T and we would have been in the 20’s!

To put it simply this day was downright gorgeous… and shooting around Pere Marquette, oh goodness. The style gods were smiling on us! If only the rain would have held out just a bit more for us. Regardless, this day was so ridiculously wonderful and these images make me flutter with excitement.

Congratulations Ben and Anika, I hope the rest of your life is just as surprising and wonderful as your first dance was!

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