Ashley + Marissa | Married | April 22, 2016

Arriving at Pear Tree for any wedding is amazing, but arriving for Marissa and Ashley’s – it was extra amazing. Seriously, they get the hands down sweetest couple award in my book! I think we were cracking up all day with their amazing warm laughter and wonderful hearts. Plus, second shooting under Kara Kamienski Photography – eeeeevvvveeennnn better (okay, second to Marissa and Ashley because like I said, sweetest couple!).

Before we knew it, it was time for Marissa and Ashley to get ready. Marissa got ready upstairs with me and within 5 minutes she was done and ready to go. I went down to check on Ashley (so we could do their reveal) to find Ashley was waiting for her Mom to finish getting her hair done. I let Marissa know and she just starts with her warm laughter and says “well of course!” Before long it was reveal time and we tucked away Marissa and Ashley’s family and friends. Let’s just say after the sweetest reveal around everyone walked out from their hiding spots misty eyed. And Ashley’s Mom – my stars – she was taking photos of the girls on her phone and she goes “okay, just one photo – but I can’t look at it because then I’ll start crying because, my, look at you two!!” ♥ ♥ ♥

And let’s just talk about their portraits and ceremony, and amazing beautiful, wonderful, entirely amazing day. Because seriously I don’t know how their day could have been more beautiful (maybe sans some wind!). Marissa and Ashley, you two set the bar entirely too high for this wedding season with your amazing love, laughter, and entirely wonderful personalities.

Congratulations and lots of love. – Sydney

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