Brad + Lauren Johnson | Married | March 28, 2015

You may remember these two lovebirds from back in July when I posted about their engagement shoot. Well guess who got married this weekend? Brad and Lauren! I had the pleasure of being the second shooter for the day and spending time cracking up over Kara (of Kara Kamienski Photography) when she would go into her Kara-isms. Like asking a cop to move out of her photo, lifting Lauren onto a cement cove about 3 feet off the ground, and of course… moving dog poo with twigs.

Brad and Lauren are the strong and silent type. In the midst of watching Lauren get ready, she told us about her little cousins health issues and her sisters pregnancy. About her other sisters impending engagement (hopefully soon! 😉 ), and her other sisters wonderful boo. All while skillfully balancing the emotions of remarried, divorced parents. Lauren gracefully and seamlessly handled the day. When we arrived with Brad, he was just polishing his look with his brothers and close friends. Nervously awaiting the reveal with his bride. You could tell the entire day that emotions were high, and that everyone, despite any differences, were all there to support the love surrounding Brad and Lauren as they take the next step in their future. That is marriage, graduation for Brad, moving to Wisconsin for Brad to begin his residency and Lauren faithfully joining him on this next path as she pursues her passion in teaching, sadly leaving behind a job she loves.

Congratulations Brad and Lauren– I know you have huge changes coming your way geographically, but I know wonderful things will come from them.

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