Chad + Jackie Trachsel | Married | March 21, 2015

Every once in a while you will run into someone who rejuvenates you. Your thoughts, your style, your process, what you love, and add that pep to your step. That’s Jackie and Chad–they rejuvenate you and there wedding day was no different. From the moment we arrived Jackie was a beam of sunshine, how could she not be marrying the love of her life? We walked in and her first comment is “Yep, my hair and makeup are done…” and then she burst into laughter as she stood there gorgeously makeup-less with her hair down. Let’s not forget her attention to detail for Chad–something old, something new, something borrowed, something… orange. 🙂 That’s just their relationship.

Finally came the moment for the reveal with Chad after we had spent the morning capturing Jackie. The sun was shining and it was well over 60 degrees on March 21! Can you say amazing portrait weather? Yeah I was in heaven, even as I wore my underarmour under my dress pants and super thick fuzzy socks. The big reveal was amazing, and after complimenting Jackie’s dress she quickly responded with “thank you… it’s new.” Then the couple portraits, ughhhh… seriously how can you not fall in love with these two? I seriously think it was the best time I have had shooting with a couple. It didn’t take much to make these two smile, to see them light up because of each other, to be caught up in their love.

And the venue, well how can you get better then Pear Tree Estates? Answer: you can’t. It’s gorgeous inside and out, the food is amazing, and they take care of their vendors. Add Sara O’Shea with So Chic Events keeping us on track, Park Life capturing amazing video footage and creating a same day edit (!!!!), DJ4U spinnin’ the jams, and #TeamKKP (aka Kara Kamienski Photography–my never ending source of inspiration and amazingness for partaking in these weddings!) taking photos–yeah dream team in action! The ceremony was beautiful and left you attached to the contagious relationship Chad and Jackie share. Even with a reveal and spending most the afternoon together, Chad still teared up seeing his bride walk down the isle.

Chad and Jackie, I would wish you two years of happiness together, but we all know with your ability to spin song lyrics into how to pose mixed with the love, laughter and the contagious bond you share you two are simply meant to be. Congratulations Chad and Jackie… and thank you for sharing how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing experience.

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Dream Team for March 21 and March 28 Weddings! DJ4U and #TeamKKP

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