Christina + James Mauck | Married | August 14, 2015

This wedding day was a little different then most wedding days I have had the pleasure of working. For Christina and James day I was assisting under the fabulous Kara of Kara Kamienski Photography. So most of my day was spent being an extra set of hands for all the extra things that come up during a wedding day.Which lets get real is always unexpected and fun. Still it was a gorgeous day and we had a ton of fun. From the moment we arrived with Christina she was happy and had a smile plastered across her face. Every once and a while she would stop, look at one of her bridesmaids and go “I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAYYYYY!” <3 It was a beautiful ceremony, and that was when I did most of my shooting for the day. Christina and James, it was a pleasure to play just a little part in your big day!

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