Danielle + Charles Brawner | Married | September 13, 2014

Oh. My. Goodness. These two were so unbelievably sweet and adorable together. Their wedding was short and sweet and by some miracle time seemed to work in our favor the entire day. Especially for their couple portraits, which were stunning! Although we crossed a new first for me. I ended up lending my shoes to the bride so she could walk to a location that wouldn’t work well with her heels. Yep, so there I stood, barefoot… camera in hand. Taking photos from afar to avoid the mud.

But from the moment they did their reveal you saw an instant calm come across both of them. And then watching them read their love letters to each other, her innocent little -make-up-worthy-ruining- tears. And the church they got married in, holy cow. What a gorgeous location, making their photos even more amazing.

Congratulations Danielle and Charles! I hope Cancun is beautiful!

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