Danielle + Kevin Fuller | Married | October 3, 2015 [Associate Wedding under Kara Kamienski Photography]

I can’t even describe how exciting, terrifying, awesome, amazing, wonderful, and crazy it is to lead a wedding under Kara Kamienski Photography and #teamkkp. But here I am, and I have lead not one, but now two wedding days on my own under KKP! I still remember the day Danielle booked Kara, and the look on Kara’s face as she casually grazed over to me before looking back to Danielle and suggesting I shoot her wedding. I honestly have had to relive that moment over a few times over to make sure it was really real. Ahh…. but to get the full wedding day experience you have to head over to read my guest post on Kara Kamienski Photography’s blog!

See the full blog post here: http://karakamienskiphotography.com/kevin-danielle-october-3-2015-associate-wedding-by-sydney/

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