Derek + Kayla Switzer | Married | September 5, 2015

So Kayla & Derek’s wedding and engagement session were literally the POLAR opposite from each other. We were talking about it when Kayla was getting ready and she said it was literally 4 degrees outside for their engagement session. Their wedding day? You know… some where around 96 degrees. Probably hotter, let’s get real. This summer is not leaving without a kick! Regardless of the sweat, I am so glad I got to partake in second shooting for Kayla and Derek’s wedding day under Kara Kamienski Photography.

Once I arrived to Derek he was just finishing getting ready. He said he needed to take a few minutes to finish writing his vows. Let me just say the time that followed were in the top 10 sweetest moments of the day. <3 Their ceremony my stars, just seeing Derek’s hands shake while he carefully read his vows. And then we went to leave for the bridal party and bride and groom portraits. Suddenly we look back … literally about a block away from the hotel… and the bus wasn’t there. We had the brides brother in the car and well, it turns out the bus caught on fire! Yeah, it started smoking so they had to quickly disembark the bus. We arrived to them in front of the courthouse with beers, coolers, and a little hilarity! It’s what makes the day, right?

After walking to a new location to shoot the bridal party, we sent them back to the hotel to cool off, which was thankfully just around the corner! Kayla and Derek hoped in Kara’s car and we were off to take their photos. Um, lets just say the next bit of “day making moments” unfolded. We got off the expressway to see an accident. With a motorcycle. And a sheet literally over a body. Yeah. Insane. Completely. Insane. Needless to say the rest of the day went off without a hitch!

Kayla and Derek, if you two can handle the curves of your wedding day I know you two will spend years laughing, smiling, and completely in love.

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