Emily + Adam Austin | Married | January 2, 2016

Emily and Adam’s day was a fun way to break into 2016 weddings, it was a shorter day then normal but it was amazing! Kara, of Kara Kamienski Photography – who I was lucky enough to second shoot with, went off to meet Emily in her room while I took pictures of Adam and his family. Before long we were off to CityView for their ceremony and reception. Seriously, an amazing fun venue that actually doubles as a bus station. Uh. YEAH! 🙂

When Kara talked to Emily she told us she wanted a more photo journalistic style of portraits for the day. She claimed Adam and herself weren’t very photogenic. Um, have you seen these two? Yeah, I beg to differ! Their ceremony was sweetly lead by their family, and their reception was just in the room next door. We snuck away for 10 minutes of quick portraits, before heading back to celebrate!

Emily and Adam, despite only meeting you for a short period of time I know you two have an amazing family connection, great friends, and an amazing choice in deserts (I mean, have you looked at that desert table?!). 😉

Austin-1Austin-2Austin-12  Austin-3 Austin-4 Austin-5 Austin-6 Austin-7 Austin-8 Austin-9 Austin-10 Austin-11 Austin-13 Austin-14 Austin-15 Austin-16 Austin-17 Austin-18 Austin-19 Austin-20 Austin-21 Austin-22 Austin-23 Austin-24 Austin-25 Austin-26 Austin-27 Austin-28 Austin-29 Austin-30 Austin-31 Austin-32 Austin-33 Austin-34 Austin-35 Austin-36 Austin-37 Austin-38 Austin-39 Austin-40 Austin-41 Austin-42 Austin-43 Austin-44 Austin-45 Austin-46 Austin-47 Austin-48 Austin-49 Austin-50 Austin-51 Austin-52 Austin-53 Austin-54 Austin-55 Austin-56 Austin-57 Austin-58 Austin-59 Austin-60 Austin-61 Austin-62 Austin-63 Austin-64 Austin-65 Austin-66 Austin-67 Austin-68 Austin-69 Austin-70 Austin-71 Austin-72


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