Eric + Jordan Brunner | Married | May 21, 2016

You guys! Seriously – so let’s talk about Eric and Jordan’s amazing day! First off it was in MILWAUKEE! So, I met Kara at some lovely hour that resulted in me getting up literally before the sun. But second shooting under Kara Kamienski Photography and getting to adventure to a new location? Sold! After a nice drive we arrived to Jordan’s room where she was with her Aunt just hanging out. Her bridesmaids were getting their hair done in shifts at a local salon and we managed to catch just between! So we took her gorgeous details and were off to find amazing little locations to shoot them. Before long it was time for me to meet up with the boys. Originally I was going to take the car to meet them – we then realized they were literally 2 blocks away and I would have to find a place to park in downtown Milwaukee…. aka I wore my walkin’ shoes!

I arrived to Eric and one of his groomsmen, the rest were out getting beer – you know – to celebrate the day. Before long the boys were back and I found out that out of 6 groomsmen/ushers, 2 were named Nick. The boys were all Nick for the day…. I even got Kara in on it. Let’s just say the remainder of getting ready was a mix of me snapping about 5 photos, helping a groomsmen figure out a detail of their suit, and repeat. Once the boys were all dressed and ready, I headed back to the hotel to meet Kara and Jordan for the reveal! We headed to the beachfront where Eric proposed and they have had many of special moments in their relationship. ♥ I don’t think I have ever heard so many well wishes from people walking past us as I did when we walked to the reveal! And let’s just mention the rocks… and how awesome Jordan, Eric, and their entire bridal party was trekking across them! Well worth it for the amazing photos!

Soon it was time to get back for the ceremony – and my stars was their ceremony/reception location awesome! Apparently it was an old gym of sorts, turned music hall, turned reception venue? Um, just imagine awesome vintage wooden nooks and crannies of gorgeousness and big ol’ windows. Their entire ceremony was gorgeous, and I love all the little stolen smiles in the moments of excitement. Plus – a live band at their reception – yep, a big win in my book.

Jordan and Eric – Congratulations and I know your marriage is going to continue to take you on many adventures – be it rock climbing, crossing the crazy busy beach front road, or teaching us local dialect for fountains.

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