Gabe + Jennie Smith | Married | August 1, 2015

The morning of Gabe and Jennie’s wedding I started to freak out because I didn’t know anything about the couple aside from their names and that it was an associate wedding under the fabulous Kara Kamienski Photography. I don’t know if people realize that as a second shooter, going in and not even knowing what the couple looks like is some how terrifying. I mean, when I second shot Allie and Josh’s wedding… I walked right past Josh when I walked into the hotel room. 😐 Yep.

So, I search Gabe Smith and Jennie McKey on Google after unsuccessfully trying to find them on Facebook. The first thing that comes up? Their wedding website. And let me just say, as soon as I opened it up… I started laughing. Not because of anything on their page, but because when I helped shoot their engagement session with Kara we were in this crazy field. Like middle of no where, field where we were probably trespassing of some sort. And we heard a noise. We just prayed it wasn’t a snake. Minutes later we see this GIANT deer go prancing across this dirt road off the main road. And we die of laughter.

Needless to say when I walked into Gabe’s hotel room, I knew who he was… and I had a hilarious memory from his engagement session (that probably only I found funny). From the moment Gabe and Jennie did their reveal, to the moment we left, they were both as happy as can be. Jennie was so adorable, she was so worried about the ceremony and the stress of the day had hit her. So her Dad walks over and sits with her, and when I walk over they’re both sitting there misty eyed. ♥ My lanta.

Gabe and Jennie, I know you two are going to share years and years of smiles, happiness, and ridiculous fun with your families and friends.

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