Ian + Lauren Senne | Married | September 17, 2016

So when Kara told me the wedding was in Chicago I was a little nervous. A touch of the idea of driving in the traffic, a totally Chicago-loving couple, and the complete unknown. Then I did my homework, these two were getting married at a brewery just North of Chicago in seriously one of the coolest and most gorgeous suburbs. And having the chance to second shoot under Kara Kamienski Photography was amazing.


When I arrived to Ian he was just finishing up some pizza with his groomsmen… we wont mention the first dress shirt that did not get pizza sauce on the cuff. I mean… 🙂 After hanging out for a bit, we headed to the bar they actually had the rehearsal dinner at. To my surprise, there was a stage in the back and the manager turned on all the lights for us. Air band? Um, yes. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at the random instruments these guys came up with. Uh, let’s just say someone was being a one man band.

Seriously I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more personal, funny, loving, amazing ceremony which was lead by Ian’s Uncle. And then exploring around for photos? Let’s just say we found a few treasures 🙂 Not that you would guess part were taken in a random green hill by the hospital!

Ian and Lauren, thank you for sharing your wedding day with us, for taking us on a new adventure, and for being amazing all day long.

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