Jackie + Justin Fry | Married | April 9, 2016

I remember driving to Justin and Jackie’s wedding day with two memories – one it all looking oddly familiar (because I was just there for the Kelly wedding!), and two – helping Kara, of the fabulous Kara Kamienski Photography who I was second shooting under, with their engagement session. Let’s just say their engagement session involved wondering around her parents cow pasture and learning the difference between mole hills, cow pies, and just straight up mud. Yeah.

Arrived to a nervous and excited Justin… let’s just say Justin got dressed in about 2 minutes flat. Seriously. Annnnnd then we had 43 minutes to hang out before we needed to head to the reveal. So Justin’s groomsmen sat around and watched golf. On a wedding day. For fun. Seriously?! Probably one of the more unique choices of shows on a wedding day. Once the reveal happened, the rest of the day flowed smooth! I do have to say J Squared (my new nickname for Justin and Jackie) had the best locations for their photos! First to the bar Justin (and now Jackie 😉 ) owned, then to their house for portraits on the gorgeous tall grass + some with their puppy, followed by amazing gorgeous fabulous beautifulness at the golf course outside of their venue! Seriously it was amazing!

Justin and Jackie, congratulations on your new marriage, Junior finally having both his parents under one roof, and the amazing adventure you are just beginning together.

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