Jeni & Justin Zick | Married | August 29, 2015

When I began to head to Jeni and Justin’s wedding, I knew it was out by Metamora and there was a questionable call for rain. What I didn’t realize was that Lowpoint was so. far. out! But Jeni + Justin’s property was seriously gorgeous and had so many amazing spots to shoot! Plus they had two adorable pups, and you all know my love for dogs. Their ceremony was quaint and beautiful at their home. They were surrounded by roughly 50 of their closest friends and family, and had an amazing ceremony.

Another fun battle of the day was the humidity. It was suppose to be a cool 82 degrees (with that chance of rain I mentioned to you!) as it had been all week. What it turned out to be was a humid day, like lose your sanity humid. Like sit in front of the air conditioning unit at home and never move. But we made it happen, and didn’t melt! Though it was a close call.

After the ceremony the photos we took of Jeni and Justin were seriously gorgeous, like ughhhh <3 taking photos around their property my. stars. it was gorgeous! And these two together, so amazing. Even in the heat the photos of them are beautiful. Justin and Jeni, I know you two are going to spend many years together smiling, in love, and completely crazy for each other.

Also a super big thanks to Kara, of Kara Kamienski Photography, who gave me the opportunity to second shoot for this associate wedding.


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