Joe + Brianna Herink | Married | July 3, 2016

Many moons ago I remember going with Kara to meet Brianna at 3030 Coffee in downtown Peoria. It was Kara’s birthday and we just left her birthday lunch with a few fellow photographers (Matthew Steed Wilson and Laura Meador!) to go meet Brianna. We walk up to Brianna and she’s this adorable snow white-esque woman who’s about as sweet as pie. Seriously. And their wedding day? The same thing. Brianna didn’t little the rain stop her, she went with the flow, and just trekked on. Being able to second shoot under Kara Kamienski Photography with Joe and Brianna = a dream.

After the ceremony Kara gets this idea she wants to stop on the side of the road between Canton and Peoria to shoot a few more couple portraits. And Joe and Brianna, they agree and go on another little adventure with us. And their smiles? They don’t stop. I seriously think these two win happiest, giggliest, smiley-est (uh, making up words now!) couple around.

Brianna and Joe thank you for not only sharing your day with me, but for your service Joe (and AJ, and Amy, and alllllll the other amazing people serving in the military), for you amazing personalities, and most importantly for agreeing to play in the rain with us.

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