Josh + Sarah Angelos | Married | September 26, 2015

When I arrived at Josh and Sarah’s home, I quickly realized that I had met them during their engagement session! Josh and his groomsmen were hanging at their house, eating, chatting, and overall being goofy. Around noon I told the boys it was time to get dressed, and sent them to go put their pants and shirts on before I started shooting them getting ready. About 10 minutes later they were still working on their pants and shirts… and quickly one of the boys who was still fixing his hair, gained a special wedding day nickname from me: Princess. Sorry, but when you work with Kara Kamienski Photography (who I was lucky enough to second shoot under!) your actions gain you nicknames ladies and gentleman.

Sarah and Josh’s day was amazingly and beautiful. When I arrived at Miller Park for their reveal Kara and Sarah were just standing there chatting as if it was any normal day. Sarah was calm, happy, and just ready to see her groom. I think the moment that cracks me up the most is we were standing by a pond and she had Josh’s ring down her dress, and was worried about it falling into the water. I ended up taking it and safely putting it in my camera bag instead. Sarah and Josh’s entire day was amazing fun and full of laughs. When we got to the location to shoot their urban photos we found a billboard with Meghan, one of the team members on #teamkkp!

Sarah and Josh–congratulations I know you are going to have an amazing life together full of laughter, fun, and tons of love. At least longer then the unity sand at your ceremony.

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