Josh + Tamira Hoselton | Married | January 23, 2016

Josh and Tamira were married on literally the only day in January that had snow. Seriously. The. Only. Day. I don’t know what is up with our January but we haven’t had any snow sticking around except for their wedding day! When I arrived to Tamira’s sisters house with Kara, of the fabulous Kara Kamienski Photography who I was assisting under, the girls were getting their hair and makeup done downstairs. One of Tamira’s sisters did the hair, while another sister did the makeup. Also seriously all of her sisters were her bridesmaids. Awesome? I think so. I know so.

Before long we were off to the woods to do Tamira and Josh’s reveal. Seriously though, how adorable is there reveal. Josh instantly lit up as soon as he felt Tamira’s hand grab his. ♥ And their portraits. Yeah, stomping through the snow, sitting and snuggling, and being absolute rockstars the entire time. It was amazing! I feel like we need to come up with an #awkwardSydney hashtag when I get to snuggle between brides and grooms on their wedding day in the car. Or maybe #Sydneysandwhich? It’s in the works now… Soon brides and grooms will be requesting it and photo proof, just you wait.

Anyways, Kara, Laura (the second shooter), Tamira, Josh and I were off to the firehouse next because Josh is a firefighter. Um, yeah! Kara took some awesome photos of the groomsmen at the station and some snuggly photos of Josh and Tamira. Then we headed to an awesome little patch of evergreens for bridal party. I do have to say this bridal party was just as amazing. Stomping through the snow, handling the cold like champs and being in awesome spirits! Their ceremony was wonderful and seeing Tamira involve all of her siblings was seriously the coolest thing ever. One of her brothers walked her down the isle, the other two were ushers.

Tamira and Josh, I wish you two years of happiness, family tradition, and, of course, love.

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