Kara + Craig Moffett | Married | July 18, 2015

I have to admit, coming back to this wedding was truly jumping in with both feet. July has become a lull for weddings and is literally the only wedding I have this month. How? I have no idea. Add that with coming home from a week long family reunion vacation in Minnesota (for Alex’s family) the night before, and you have a fun concoction! None the less it was an amazing day that was also incredibly hot!

Kara and Craig’s day began with me driving to Kara’s house, and then Kara editing a blog post while I drove us to Arthur (which is a two hour drive). So. Um. This just became a lot more complicated. The BRIDE Kara AND the ever fabulous PHOTOGRAPHER Kara (of Kara Kamienski Photography), who I am fabulously lucky enough to second shoot under. So we arrived to the bride at the church just finishing getting ready so we shot the details before I headed down to shoot pictures of the boys! 🙂

The ceremony was a sweet little ceremony with a packed church! Literally, every seat was full, and they had to put down a few extra chairs! There was also Amish people in attendance, which Arthur is known for (well Amish I mean, not their attendance to weddings!). Kara (photog) was excited but they were also there because Kara (bride) has extended family who are Amish! Anyways, a carriage getaway, family pictures, and then we were off for bridal party pictures. An amazing time at a family members house shooting around their tall grass and we got some amazing photos of not only the crazy bridal party, but the amazing bride and groom! The reception was no let down either! Amazing food, fun decor, and great company.

Kara and Craig, you two are the sweetest couple around and I know you are going to have an amazing future together shaping the young minds of the future. (They’re both teachers!)

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