Katie + Ryan Kelly | Married | March 19, 2016

I feel like just yesterday Kara (of the bomb.com Kara Kamienski Photography, who I had the lucky chance to second shoot under!) and I were sitting with Katie and Ryan’s kitchen table for their consult. How in the world did time fly by so fast that we are already at their wedding day? Seriously! So I arrive to Katie and Ryan’s home to meet up with the boys. Except their not there. And no one is. And the neighbors are looking at me like who is this person knocking on this obviously empty house. #smallneighborhoodproblems So I headed over to the girls just 5 minutes away until the boys arrived from their time at the rec center.

Once I arrived to the boys, it was semi hilarious… Ryan remembering me mixed with anxiousness and tons of boys showering (see note about the rec center). Once it was time to get ready, I told Ryan to just face the window for some nice light and to get ready normally. And when he would turn away, I’d remind him again after a bit and his response was “AH! Just yell at me, it’s okay!” Oh Ryan, I wont yell at you on your wedding day! And Katie’s gifts for him ♥ all about those details and finishing touches.

Seriously Katie and Ryan your entire day went off without a hitch and I’m so lucky to have played a little part in it by being there to capture it. I loved how relaxed you were with the flow of the day, knowing how time may get away from you, and trusting our judgement when needed. You two are made for each other (though we may never know exactly what time it really is!) and I know you will forever be #luckellyinlove. 🙂


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