Kortney + Ryan Grossman | Married | October 18, 2014

What a day. You know, when I arrive to meet a bride, I never expect to have fire trucks blocking my way to the hotel… or the fact that not one truck is there, but THREE. Yep. That’s how I started this wedding day. Which proceeded with me having to ask the front desk if it was “okay” for me to use the elevator. Better safe then sorry kids.

Kortney and Ryan’s wedding day was a beautiful fall day, the colors of the leaves were in full bloom and there was just enough bite in the air to remind you it was fall. The first reveal shared between these two, my goodness was it touching (even for the photographer out of ear shot!). The best moment of the night though has to be a tie between her fathers speech (including her baby shoes!) and her grandfathers, where he pulled an old 4-leaf clover character Kortney would use when she and her sister would play wedding growing up.

Congratulations Kortney and Ryan, I wish you both many years of happiness!

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