Kyle + Cindy Yoder | Married | January 16, 2016

I first met Cindy and Kyle when I assisted Kara, of the fabulous and amazing Kara Kamienski Photography, during their engagement session with their adorable pup around Arthur! Let’s just say their engagement session may or may not have involved Kara and I stalking Amish as we drove past their homes. [Note: Kara has an obsession with the Amish for those who don’t know.] So when it came time for Cindy and Kyle’s wedding day, I was super excited to have the chance to second shoot for Kara and #teamkkp!

Kyle and Cindy’s day began at the GORGEOUS Pear Tree Estate; seriously the venue, the house to get ready at, and lets not forget the amazing food. Cindy was calm and happy, hanging out with her bridesmaids and Mom just getting ready for the day. Before I knew it I was off to meet Kyle and the boys. Oh what a goofy bunch they were… let’s just say someone got a nickname within the first minute. Seriously though their entire day went flawlessly and the cold didn’t stop any of us! They trucked through, no complaints, a few shivers, and tons of love.

I do have to say, their reception put a few firsts in Kara and my book. Our table was a collection of amazing souls–and a few shenanigans may have happened. These acts include, but are not limited to, someone finishing the salad from the giant family style bowl, lots of cheers and laughter, and a Chinese fire drill where we all got up, walked around the table, and sat back down in our exact seat… in the middle of dinner. Needless to say — we were at the fun table.

Kyle and Cindy–I know with friends like you have you are going to spend many years laughing, with family like yours many years in love, and with each other hopelessly lucky in love.

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