Lauren + Josh Logan | Married | September 20, 2014

Luck favors the prepared. That’s how the saying goes… Well, we arrive at the church, its 11 am and the boys are standing in the parking lot drinking beer and goofing off when they are suppose to be in the church starting to put their tuxes on. What happened? The key to the church was in the hands of Dad, and one of the groomsmen forgot to get the key before heading to the church. Woops! By 11:30 we were inside and back on track. The day started out goooorgeous, beautiful sunny day–but by midafternoon it started to gray and eventually sprinkled ever so lightly. Just enough to break up the tail end of family portraits behind the church in this GORGEOUS patch of wildflowers the church had planted.

Lauren and Josh were just wonderful together! Despite wanting to have fun, Josh kept his boys in line–assuring things happened when they were suppose to and made sure to keep everything progressing. At one point I was directing the boys, using my big-girl-photographer voice and Josh looks over at me and goes “man, I like this girl.. keeping us progressing!” I couldn’t help but almost laugh because you never hear those words from a groom! And their first reveal, uggghh the heart strings. <3 Josh, ready to go, stood there holding Lauren’s hand an extra few seconds to just let her mentally prepare herself to see her almost husband.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, I’m so glad to have been a small part of you amazing day!

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