Neal + Ellen Heitzig| Married | October 11, 2014

I think we spent the entire day misty eyed, mostly from the brides jokes but also because of the careful attention to details. Neal was enlisted and Ellen paid careful attention to incorporating that into their big day; from the star socks the groomsmen/fathers/etc wore, to the military dance, and the special entrance into the reception by one of his fellow comrades–Ellen made sure Neal shined through just as much. And Ellen, she didn’t miss a beat incorporating their school into the big day… literally having the wedding AT University of Illinois. Oh and did I mention she requested special access TO THE FOOTBALL FIELD. Oh yeah, that happened. Coolest thing ever. Her nod to her heritage? You know, just surprising her father with a traditional Koren dress for their Father Daughter Dance.

This wedding was full of sentiment and love, and I’m happy I was able to play just a small part in it.

I wish Neal and Ellen many years of laughter and happiness, but I know the laughter thing will come easily with the way this girl cracks jokes.

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