Pete + Maria Rizkala | August 31, 2014 | Wedding

When I started working for Kara Kamienski Photography, I totally fell IN LOVE with this gorgeous Egyptian wedding she had shot. Like I couldn’t believe the ceremony. Looking at the photos, the tradition, the love, just everything was so beautiful. Well a few weeks back Kara asked if I was available to second shoot for this date. I quickly said yes and her next comment was “I’m about to make your day…” and then the next text message said “It’s an Egyptian Coptic wedding”. My dreams had come true!

This wedding was a MARATHON day, in total I was awake and running for 20 hours. Yes, 20 hours starting at 5 am including driving 3 hours to Indianapolis, IN and back. I honestly don’t remember parts of the drive back to Illinois because we were both so exhausted after. But we may have had quality conversations revolving around a bag of twizzler bits.

Pete and Maria were hilarious and completely wonderful! I spent the early afternoon with Pete and the groomsmen, they were all quick to make sure I didn’t need anything. Despite a few hiccups these men came together to make sure it was the day Maria dreamed of! (Just an fyi, you can flip a tux vest inside out to have a black vest if needed… I’m not saying I learned this at this wedding, but you know 😉 ). I loved seeing how this day came together, especially watching how each groomsmen played an important part to Pete getting ready; helping put his bowtie on, cufflinks, vest, jacket, etc. All making sure he looked prim and proper. Maria’s bridesmaids were no different! All playing an important roll to make sure every detail was in place. And this ceremony, oh man I’m still dreaming about how gorgeous and full of love and life it was.

Let’s just say the reception following, wow. I don’t think I have ever seen so many people on the dance floor!

Congratulation Pete and Maria!

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