Sarah & Nelson Hevner | Married | December 12, 2015

After a few weeks break, jumping back into second shooting under Kara Kamienski Photography was a delight! Sarah and Nelson’s day was an amazing day beginning at the Marriot in Bloomington. We arrived to Sarah getting her hair done, and laughing over her outfit–which at the time was a towel to which she added a robe to. She ensured us, she packed clothes too! 🙂 Before long I was off to meet Nelson and his groomsmen. Let’s just say Nelson’s practice round of his tux was extra helpful! Between Nelson and I we were able to help the rest of the boys figure out the black buttons, cuff links, ties, and tightening everything.

Despite it being a very December wedding we had 65 degree weather 100% humidity. But no rain, and the weather held out for all of photos. When we arrived at Ewing Manor we found an awesome double decker bus that was there for a special open house going on at the manor. The owner kindly let us on the bus to shoot some photos. Seriously, some of the most fun and different wedding photos around! Their ceremony was smack dab between two masses at the church – so family photos after were strategic and very smooth!

Nelson and Sarah, congratulations and I know you two will spend many years together happily in love.

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