Sean + Emily Seibring | Married | September 3, 2016

Oh goodness, arriving to this wedding day was super exciting because it was gorgeous out! Even more amazing was Emily and Sean, and being able to second shoot under Kara Kamienski Photography. As the ceremony began not only was Emily anxiously waiting to see Sean, but Sean was just as anxious to see her! I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a couple so nervous before a ceremony. Needless to say once they saw each other both were calm and collected.

Exploring around Bloomington to the amazing college and the Bloomington Center for the Arts for photos, seriously these guys were crazy fun! And I love that Emily and Sean’s parents came along and were watching smiling on the moments happening. I seriously don’t think I have ever seen two sets of parents so cohesively loving not only their child, but the family they were gaining.

Emily and Sean, may you always gain a sense of calm together, and smile, love, and laugh through all of lives biggest stresses.

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