Sondra + Nick Urish | Married | August 22, 2015

Oh. My. Word. Sondra and Nick’s wedding day just makes me smile and I’m so thankful I got to second shoot under the fabulous Kara of Kara Kamienski Photography. From the moment we met Sondra, she was happy and just going with the day. And when we went down to the boys… well I feel like when you meet the boys it’s a true test to how the day will go. Nick, well he was focused on getting out to the putting green before his reveal with Sondra. So we made a deal, he finished getting dressed (he was already in his pants, shirt, and vest), and then him and his groomsmen could do whatever he wanted until it was time for the reveal at 2. Needless to say, he was a happy camper and so were the groomsmen!

Seriously though, it was an a-maz-ing day. Aside from getting lost on the back roads of Metamora trying desperately to catch up to Kara. Let’s just say apparently I tested the speed to take a few turns on gravel. But a giant grasshopper up a brides dress = more then a reason to stop immediately and remove said bug making us instantaneously get separated. Ah well, another wedding day story, right? ha Sorry Nick and Sondra!

From the moment Nick and Sondra saw each other they were all smiles and were completely happy because they were together once again. That was the note for the entire day; happiness, smiles, and lots of jokes. Nick made a few good jabs at Kara, but no worries, she gave them right back. I suppose that’s what happens when the groom works with her husband!

Sondra and Nick, you two will undoubtedly spend years laughing, smiling, and hopelessly in love, and I’m thankful I was able to just play a little part in your amazing day. ♥

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