Starved Rock | Senior | July 1, 2015

Oh. Man. Where do I EVEN begin with this trip? Well, let me just say I started work for Cindy, of the fab Shelby Photography, in January of this year. Since then we have literally been planning this trip to Starved Rock. From timelines, to lunches, to makeup and hairstylists, to picking a day, to buying bug spray… every last detail we have POURED over for months. And then the day happened. And it’s over. Just. Like. That.

But let’s talk about the insane awesomeness of the day. Shelby Photography took 21 of it’s #shelbyseniors, make up artists, hair stylists, parent volunteers, photographers, photographer assistants, and other volunteers (totaling 41 people!) to Starved Rock for an E-P-I-C senior experience. The seniors were broken into different themes; boho, tulle skirts/bow ties, and flower crowns/bow ties. We spent the afternoon exploring the waterfalls, canyons, and gorgeous areas of Starved Rock rotating the themes between the 3 photographers; Cindy, Stephanie Bartman, and myself! Then we broke for an awesome dinner. Let me just say, a cook out on the water = perfect summer day.

After filling our tummies, the seniors changing and relaxing, we jumped into our second shoot we did all together; a fun, summery outfit where we played with bubbles, took group photos, made a pyramid!, and laughed at the dance moves these crazy bunch of seniors came up with. I mean, you have to give it to them pulling out 70’s dance moves. Overall it was an insane, exhausting day… but I’m so so so very glad I was able to take part in such an amazing experience with these #shelbyseniors. So without further typing here’s a few little peeks! 🙂

starved_rock-1 starved_rock-2 starved_rock-3 starved_rock-4 starved_rock-5 starved_rock-6 starved_rock-7 starved_rock-8 starved_rock-9 starved_rock-10 starved_rock-11 starved_rock-12 starved_rock-13

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