Steve + Renee Bezdicek | Married | October 23, 2015

As silly as it sounds, while associate shooting is amazing fun – I was seriously looking forward to this wedding day. Why? Because I was second shooting with Kara of Kara Kamienski Photography, as well as Meghan (a member of #teamkkp) was assisting for the day! Basically it was going to be an amazing fun day even if it meant we had to drive 2 hours. And let me just say: it was.

When we arrived to the hotel the girls we’re finishing up hair and makeup in the conference room. Meghan and I headed upstairs to shoot the details, and let me just say bold patterns were not what I was expecting to find in the hotel room. Pro-tip: find a bridesmaids dress and use it as a backdrop near a window to place the details on! I was pretty proud of myself for my little set up, Meghan even commented that it looked like a little studio set up. ha! While Renee got dressed, Steve showed up and finished getting ready with his groomsmen. A few quick adjustments (and fighting a few spiffy knots on the ties!) and the boys were ready to go!

After a very sweet reveal with Renee’s Dad we were off to the ceremony/reception location for Steve’s reveal. I feel like reveals are those moments you see a groom really come to life and smile a ton. Steve did not disappoint! Let’s just say adventuring to their couple portraits, well it was an adventure. We climbed through woods, sat them on graffiti structures, walked near the water, and explored crazy weeds. And they loved every second of Kara’s craziness. Although rain changed the location of the ceremony I have to say that Renee and Steve we’re troopers through the entire day!

We already know your marriage will be full of good luck (thanks to all those rain drops!), but I hope its full of just as many adventures, explorations, and tons of love.

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