Thomas + Heather Heuermann | Married | October 24, 2015

There are certain wedding days when you are standing there in the moment and you have this strange out of body experience like “Am I really doing this? Is this really real?” That was Heather and Thomas’ day. And even more so because I got to second shoot under Kara Kamienski Photography and #teamkkp. Kara and I arrived at the Mark Twain in downtown Peoria and seriously just take a gander at her dress and let that unfold the day from there. Because seriously it’s stunning. Heather was stunning, Thomas was stunning, the weather was stunning, everything. was. stunning. Ugh! 🙂 ♥

I can’t really even begin to describe their couple portraits because I was literally freaking out in the moment as we shot them. It was literally the perfect fall day, the perfect location, and seriously could they look any more amazing? I think not. Okay, moving on… Heather’s mom did Heather’s hair for the day… and Thomas’! Honestly coolest thing to date I have seen at a wedding! The groom getting his hair done and prepped! Amazing. Speaking of wonderful, Heather carefully and secretly planned for Winnie (their pup!) to take part in their reveal. I’m not sure who Thomas was more excited to see, Winnie or Heather. 🙂

And the rest of the day? Just as perfect as everything else: honestly it was a dream. I think someone needs to pinch me and wake me up from this wedding day! Heather and Thomas, you two made the day a breeze, and it was full of fun, laughter, and maybe getting lost around the river. Congratulations and I know you two will spend many years together loving Halloween and pretending to be rocks.

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  1. Well done!! These photos are amazing! What a wonderful wedding it was, and it’s captured so well in these pictures!

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