Tyler + Kayla Willi | Married | September 19, 2014

This wedding weekend was a big event for me because it was my first double header weekend with Kara Kamienski Photography. What is that exactly? A wedding on Friday and Saturday, and dead by Sunday. Okay, not really dead on Sunday but lacking in the functioning department. I actually recovered a lot better then I expected and I’m building up my wedding endurance, especially because Kara and I worked a golf event before we left for the wedding Friday!

But on to the wonderful Kayla and Tyler! My stars was Kayla the calmest bride around, she took each moment with a essence of calm and compassion. She also .rocked. out. her bridal portraits. Annnnnd the icing on the cake: across the street was a field of long grass, every photographers dream! Overall this day was beautiful; from the weather, to the little details, on to stopping to kiss her Grandpa on her way down the isle, and having enough empty tables the entire Washington Police force could come on their breaks to have dinner. (Yes, you read that correctly–surrounded by a bunch of men in uniform!) I think a piece of my heart will forever be stuck in the moment they read their love letters, back to back, hiding so Tyler didn’t see his bride until she walked down the isle. 🙂

Goodness this couple <3 <3 Many wonderful years ahead (and grandchildren for Papa Fuzz!) Tyler and Kayla!

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